The Independent Mountain Men Living History Society, Inc. (the "Society") is formed for the purposes of educating the community regarding early American history and life through living history re-enactments, rendezvous with other Mountain Men Clubs, demonstrations, classes, and related educational events performed by members. Regular activities of the Society include:


-promoting the education and use of frontiersman survival and settlement skills from the 1750 through 1840 era through competitive events, including target shooting using period firearms, knife and tomahawk throwing, primitive fire building, and similar skill events

-promoting firearms safety through match competition and instruction regarding the maintenance and use of early American firearms

-educating the community regarding the regions rich history, early American trades, crafts, and skills, such as gun making, weaving, food gathering and preparation, bead work, tracking, shelter building, self-sufficient trekking, and similar activities. This education is done in a participatory, collaborative, and hands-on manner through clinics, exhibits, re-enactments, rendezvous, show and tells, and similar events

-to maintain the Society property in a rustic form that facilitates use for food gathering and educational events so that the community can authentically experience frontier life during the 1750 through 1840 era


Specific examples of Society activities that are regularly conducted are:


-summer and winter rendezvous which demonstrate primitive living skills of the era

-target shoots using period firearms, including muzzle-loaders, flint-locks, and similar black powder arms

-demonstrations and show and tell events

-coaching the local Boy Scouts of America troops on frontiersmanship, camping, cooking, and survival skills in conjunction with merit badges, hosting camping events

-primitive archery competitions

-period trapping skills demonstrations

-knife and hatchet throwing demonstrations

-hosting the annual Boy Scout Jamboree with 300-400 Boy Scouts

-education and demonstrations of frontier life at local schools