Joining our Society


Membership to the society is open to all boys and men. To help mentor and educate new members regarding the society's purpose and operations,
each new member is sponsored by an existing member who is responsible for helping to educate the new member. Application for membership is
available at the link below.
Application Form

If you are looking for a modern hunting club, then we are not the organization for you. Our organization is not structured as a club, but
rather an entity dedicated toward furthering the preservation and demonstration of American frontiersmanship skills and lifestyle during
that era. Many of our members share interest in the history of the long bow hunter, the mountain men, scouting, the courier de bois, and similar
frontier character roles and occupations. If you would like to join the Organization, please contact a current member.
(click here for contact information).  Your acceptance in this society has no bearing on how much experience you have or your background, so long as you share the desire to learn and are willing to play an active role in the organization's management, events, and maintaining the organization's property. The application
form is also designed to give you an understanding of the organization's activities and membership. Of course, if you have any questions, please
feel free to contact any organization member to learn more about the organization.